Brought to you by the Lisa & Jeff team:
Lisa Donato and Jeffrey Schwinghammer are co-chiefs of Sparkle Motion Films – a film production company founded in 2014 that is dedicated to pulling out the essence, or sparkle, out of every story.

Written and Directed by:
Lisa Donato

Cinematography and Edited by:
Jeffrey Schwinghammer

Executive Producers:
Heather Nevill
Lisa Donato
Jeffrey Schwinghammer

Visual Effects Supervisor & Technical Director
Tim Kwong

Original Score
Nicholas Statan


Jesse Brodkey

Associate Producer
Alrik Bursell

Assistant Director
Katy Proietti

Art Director
Winnie Wong

Hair & Makeup
Jennifer Pons

Costume Designer
Alyssa Goldsmith

Set Decoration & Props
Douglas Dowers
Maxwell Smith

Assistant Camera
Dan Williams
Enrique Escudero
Alrik Bursell

Hart Perez
Joe Cook

Devon Perez
Joe Rolland

Sound Recordist
Ryan Stewart
Chris Nealy

Sound Design
Max Hirtenstein

Visual Effects Designer
Julie Oliver

Tim Kwong
Julie Oliver
Cosmo Rettig

Visual Illustrator
Lucy Conklin

Jeffrey Schwinghammer

Production Assistants
Ivan Herrera
Meredith Donaldson
Ken Higgins
Jasmine Donato
Natalie Guecheva
Grace Hawkins

Lauren Ritchie

ADR Recordist
John Wong, Chicago
Matt Kendrick, Los Angeles